ASDA is an enormously successful corporation with diversifications in groceries, financial services, optometry and photo shops. The successful company, established in 1965, is able to offer a diverse array of employment opportunities in a range of different sectors. If you are interested in securing employment with ASDA there are a range of strong benefits and career progression advantages available for you to consider.


As the second largest retailer in the United Kingdom, ASDA can provide many strong opportunities for career growth and progression. In addition to a vast range of career opportunities and networking links, competitive salary and comprehensive support, ASDA offers employees the following benefits:

Colleague Discount

Employees at ASDA are entitled to a store discount. The discount is 10% and provides access to range of cheaper products and services through ASDA. ASDA is affiliated with Walmart, so employees who are travelling overseas can also benefit from discounts whilst on holiday.

Flexible Working

Finding a working and life balance is a powerful goal for many individuals in today’s faced paced and demanding society. Because ASDA is such a large and successful corporate entity it is able to offer extremely flexible working patterns. ASDA runs a flexible working arrangement called ‘FLEX SCHEME’. The purpose of this scheme is to help staff maximise the flexibility of their working schedule through arrangements such as:

  • Exchanging and ‘swapping’ shifts
  • Career breaks for parenting
  • Time off for community services and charitable acts
  • 6 flexible working schemes


In the rocky economic climate of today’s world, ASDA is strong enough to ride the economic storm and continue to provide an excellent pension scheme for staff. The ASDA pension plan includes an employer contribution element to help your retirement savings grow and prosper.

Share Savings

The share save plan available to ASDA employees includes an excellent savings plan for workers. This savings plan is well established, with over 200,000 employees participating.

Voluntary Benefits

The ASDA BENFITS BOOK is distributed annually and provides employees with access to trips, theme parks, holidays, new cars and a huge range of other products and services at a discounted rate. The savings from this scheme can add up to hundreds of pounds.


There are many different employee roles that you may wish to apply for within ASDA. The roles range from graduate schemes, to delivery drivers, to sales assistants to accountants. Regardless of you occupational category, you will receive a strong range of benefits and advantages if you decide to join the successful team at ASDA.