ASDA Part Time Jobs


If you would like to focus more on your family, on leisure pursuits, study or creative or business opportunities, part-time work may be the right option for you. Finding a good work life balance has become an increasingly important goal to many people, and part-time and flexible working opportunities can truly be your key to achieving the balance that you desire.
ASDA is an enormous multi-national corporation with grocery stores around the entire globe. Because ASDA is such a large and successful employer, the company is able to offer highly flexible working patterns to staff in many different occupational categories. If you would like to secure part-time work with ASDA, you will need to work out which area you are most interested in. You will also need to understand how to apply for work with ASDA.

If you require the flexibility that an ASDA part-time job can offer you, you may need to think outside the box in terms of the type of roles that you are willing to undertake. There are many options that you may not have even considered, that will give you are greater degree of control over your working hours and shift patterns.

Options and Roles For Part Time Work

ASDA provides an excellent home delivery service for customers and this home deliver service requires the contribution of many different staff to ensure the successful and timely delivery of groceries to customers. Delivery drivers are responsible for loading groceries, following a job schedule and safely delivering home shopping to customer’s doors. The advantage of delivery driving is that there are options available for part-time work that includes early morning to late night service. For parent’s seeking to share childcare, or for students looking for evening or morning work so that they can balance studies, this can be perfect. Many people take on delivery driving roles as a second job in addition to a main job in order to earn additional income.

Working in-store as a customer service operator is another great option for people who are searching for part-time and flexible work. At ASDA, you main duties will involve serving and helping customers, processing orders at the check out, handling money and organising stock onto shelves. There are various areas in the store that you may work in, including the bakery, meat and deli sections.

In addition to store roles, ASDA hires staff in diverse areas such as administration, payroll, ICT, marketing, finance and human resources. Many of the career opportunities available in these categories will include flexible work patterns, job sharing and part-time roles.

ASDA part-time jobs can provide you with a wonderful opportunity to find that elusive work and life balance. For further information, navigate to the ASDA career page.